PocketJar Gift Set


Pocket-sized Tobacco Tote (Set of 3)

This fresh alternative to heavy jars and bulky bags maintains tobacco moisture and freshness while traveling. It's made of food-safe PET plastic with a two-piece, gasketed metal lid. The shatterproof PocketJar blocks UV light and is odor-proof. A PocketJar holds three to four bowls of tobacco. 

Perfect for business trips or weekend outings. 

* Not intended for long-term storage

* Tobacco not included

Set of 3 Jars w/lids

Have your Pipe Club or custom artwork etched on the lids free of charge for orders of 6 sets or more. Please send your artwork to Mike@ThePipery.com for verification prior to placing a custom order.


PocketJar Gift Set

SKU: PocketJar-Set
  • Pocket-sized Tobacco Jar

    Fresh Alternative to Heavy Jars and Bulky Bags!

    • Maintains Moisture & Freshness
    • Light Weight
    • Odor Proof
    • Shatterproof
    • Blocks UV
    • Travel Friendly
    • Perfect for Day Outings
    • Less than 1 Inch Thick
    • Made of Food Safe PET Plastic
    • Two-Piece Metal Lid with Gasket

    Patented Design

    Contains Three, 1.8 oz PocketJars. Tobacco not included.

    Not intended for long-term storage